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Designing online streaming solutions that create engaged communities


noun, plural sto·ries.

A cohesive narrative that encapsulates facts and feelings to inspire an emotional response.



Engaged groups of people who interact with ideas who define themselves as a community.



A vehicle for communicating information, ideas and transforming the relationship between the participants who engage with them.

We understand. You want the stories you share to help build your community and deliver more value. The problem is, story, audience and platform decisions do not happen in isolation. Our methodology will help get to a solution that will help solve your immediate problem.

"Story Strategist executed with a level of excellence, innovation and attention to detail that I have been delighted with and has been the talk of local and international organisations – setting a standard that our organisation is certainly very proud of."
— Nathan
"Stu Harris is a natural strategist. His track-record for insight and advice to the world of media has been proven time and time again. More than that, he is a person of great integrity who delivers what he promises."
— Tania