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What webinar platform do we recommend in 2021?

During 2020 Story Strategist helped build virtual conferences and individual webinars for organisations reaching thousands of people online. There are dozens of products available to host your online event including popular services like Zoom through to feature rich solutions like CrowdComms which can develop high-end events at a premium price.

One thing's for sure, during 2020 due to the impact worldwide of COVID-19, online meetings have increased exponentially.

Story Strategist is designing and producing online events that create engaged communities. We know you still need to meet with your existing customers, and you want to make new prospective clients too, however as we enter a new year we're already hearing that most people are feeling fatigued and bored glued to a screen all day.

We believe virtual events can be and should still be engaging.

All this said, we know you're going to attend hundreds of Zoom meetings in the coming months. Let's just hope 2020 has helped iron-out all the online fails.

To help with the boredom, we've created this fun little game, Online Meeting Bingo.

Online Meeting Bingo

Download this free PDF, distribute to your online colleagues, and whoever gets a complete row of fails wins (prize to be supplied by you 😁). 

No tech required.


To  help get you started well in 2021, we thought we'd share one of our favourite online platforms, which we'd encourage you to try out too. We have tested heaps of different platforms. Furthermore, we've spent hours and hours upon hours reading and watching reviews and tutorials. One of our favourite platforms, and we've used it multiple times is WebinarJam, and you can get a free 14-day trial by following this link HERE! So, what do we like about it? Here's a short list of things we think you care a lot about when it comes to hosting an online event.

  • Performance - no matter where you and your attendees reside , we think the quality should be awesome. On some platforms that is not always the case. One of the big factors that effects performance is the quality of the Content Distribution Network (CDN).
  • Offers - special offers and speaker giveaways help keep things interesting during the event. Making time to introduce quality offers and/or speaker handouts or giveaways during an event can keep your attendees interest. Even providing links within the Chat can help stimulate interest and build value.
  • Preparation - presentation prep is one of the biggest factors to making a great event. If you insist on using slides, then please don't put your audience to death by including every spoken word on a slide! And consider using short videos to introduce a session and break up your talks. WebinarJam has really easy tools to help play-out content.
  • Notifications - a great platform will manage your attendees and even send reminders. You should have all your copy and graphics prepared so you can customise the look of the materials sent.
  • Analytics - we love looking at the data generated during an event. Use data captured during a live event and the data captured during replays to send tailor made emails to people that dropped off the event before hearing your important offer or seeing your fantastic video presentation. 
  • Electric probe - zap attendees that drop off during your event with 1,000 volts of electricity! Just kidding! It's only 500 volts 🤣

Ok, feeling ready to go? Maybe not? Don't worry we've got your back. Not everyone will have the time, experience or patience to set up an event for the first time. You might be like one of many other organisations we've spoken to who planned on running their own event in 2020 but thought things would either be back to normal soon, or they just got stuck and have put it off. Well, don't put it off any longer. Did you know we can help design and produce your one off Webinar and take care of the whole thing for you? Our S.A.P Explorer is designed to help discover the right communication vehicle and strategy, and is an inexpensive, low-risk way of giving us a go. S.A.P. stands for Story, Audience and Platform. Three words we're passionate about (more about that here), and it's a part of our philosophy foundational to what we do.  You can learn more about the S.A.P Explorer here. A simple one-off webinar can cost you as little as $1,990 +GST! 

We're looking forward to seeing what creativity will go into events during 2021 to keep people engaged. We think virtual events are here to stay. The savings companies are realising are huge. We all love to meet face to face too, but it's not always necessary. We'd love to be a part of helping you create greater engagement online, so why not get in touch today?

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