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STORY CONVERSATIONS - Christians in Screen Media

Our latest episode of STORY CONVERSATIONS featured an expert panel representing broadcast television and streaming media in Australia, Europe, USA and the world.

S01E02 Guests

What is the future of Christian Screen Media?

We explored opportunities and pathways for screen media practitioners to get involved in Christian Media in Australia and event though we targeted people in Australia, we even had  guests join live from New Zealand, South Africa, Indonesia and Holland!

We asked how our expert panel of guests got involved in their field, and what screen media opportunities might exist. We also explored pathways for screen media practitioners, and discovered how our guests got involved in Christian Media and learned what they believe to be the future of Christian Media. Here is a replay.

Stu Harris is CEO and co-founder of Story Strategist - a marketing strategy and media production company. He is a passionate communicator and has an extensive career in tech-marketing, film, television and the creative arts. -

Ben Field is an award-winning producer and director, currently serving as Head of Programming for the Hillsong Channel, a television network broadcasting inspirational and uplifting shows to over 180 countries around the world. -

Els Griffioen is a Senior Producer with New Faith Network, a Christian streaming service that started in 2018 in The Netherlands and recently expanded to Norway, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. -

Adam Niven is the Production Team Manager at ACCTV on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. In this role, he is involved with the development and production of content produced by ACCTV as well as working with others to co-produce content that meets the needs of ACCTV. -

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