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Livestream Experience

Welcome to the Story Strategist Livestream Experience.

Where we bring you our own online stream of content to inspire and show you what you could achieve with your own audience, on your own platform.

  • Own the engagement

  • Benefit from traffic to your site

  • Integrate the best tools

Additional benefits of embedding a Livestream Experience into your own website include:

  • Adding a Give/Donate button (for non-profits)
  • Integrating chat, polls and q&a
  • Branded content, banners, animated graphics
  • Privacy controls for content
  • Simultaneous restreaming to Social Media platforms including Facebook, YouTube etc.

We manage everything!

The development and integration, preproduction which includes scheduling, prerecording  content, the management of any live interaction features, live guest management and everything that makes the live event a great experience.


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