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We're helping organisations create more engaged audiences.

S.A.P. is a convenient abbreviation for the words STORY, AUDIENCE & PLATFORM

The S.A.P. Explorer is our methodology for researching the key aspects that define your needs/issue and reason for looking for help. For us, it's an opportunity to work together. Our experience is this methodology will help get to a solution. It's the first step. So, let's explain the methodology a little.

STORY - we use the word story interchangeably with idea. Your story could be the content or product or service that you’re offering. It’s the thing you want your customer or audience to engage with.

AUDIENCE - this could be your customer(s) or literally an audience, in the case of media content. If you are wanting your story to engage successfully, you must think from the perspective of your audience. Put yourself in their shoes. 

PLATFORM - this is the vehicle for communicating your story or idea. In the world of media, it is so easy to become transfixed with the platform, or just assume your audience is on the platform you think they are on, but are you sure?

Decisions about the story, the audience and the platform do not happen in isolation. They interact with each other, and impact the solution, strategy and design.

The discovery process is a journey. All too often we are approached with a half-baked solution. We think it's essential to work through all three and consider the interrelationship between each. For example, how do platform options change as we consider the audience. Where are they? Is this familiar to them?

We find pictures help explain, so here is a pretty diagram we hope will explain our methodology.

Now you get it, let's get going. Get in touch and let's start the process of journeying toward a solution. Click the CONTACT button in the menu above to get in touch.