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Shoot With Your Phone

The best camera is ALWAYS the one you have on you. During COVID we've had many occasions where the best option has been to advise clients to use their Smartphone to record a video. 

There have been feature films produced with Smartphones! The rules are the same with all video production - good composition, lighting and sound. Get these right, and an audience will be quite forgiving of the gear you use to capture the story. So first up here are a few links to some gear that you might want to consider purchasing to help make better quality videos from Smartphones.

If you just need to shoot yourself on camera or even make better quality Zoom meetings from your iPhone you can consider just purchasing a good quality microphone. See the first option below.

Or, you might be wanting to shoot a video with your Smartphone because you don;t have a video camera. No worries. The next group of items include a mountable microphone, video rig (a grip to help make the image more steady and it also acts as a mount for the mic and light), and a video light. If you buy this option and have a new iPhone that doesn't have a headphones/mic connector then you'll need a Lightning to 3.5mm Adaptor, also listed below.

Microphone for iPhone (Lightning Connector)
Light + Support Bracket + Microphone
Microphone for Phone (mount version)
Smartphone Video Rig
LED External Light
iPhone (Lightning Adaptor)

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