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Story, Audience, Platform.

You need to pay more attention to Story, Audience and Platform and the co-relationship and priority between each of these. In this video, I'll give you three questions to help you answer who is and where is your audience - two very important aspects of storytelling that are often overlooked or considered too late in the process.
What are the best tools to create a collaborative online discussion with options to share documents and your screen? Whether you’re wanting to chat with friends online or have a business meeting with many participants, this video will help you get started quickly and find a simple online video solution to keep you communicating.
Have you been part of online video chats or conference calls where your experience was less than ideal? Communicating online is becoming essential and common. Increasingly, people are staying at home, working remotely and connecting with their teams online. In this video, we will look at simple ways to improve the picture and sound quality without necessarily spending thousands of dollars on high-end complex equipment.

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