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In episode 1 of Story Conversations, we interviewed Simon Kennedy.

Our premiere event kicked off with Screenwriter and YouTuber Simon Kennedy. We chatted for just over an hour, about how Simon's YouTube channel has helped support his professional writing career. We also discovered from Simon how critical it is to understand your audience when it comes to developing good engagement - skills we think are transferable to other business practices.

You can watch a replay of the live recorded event directly from here below.

During the episode we talked about a few different writers and Simon also shared a few book recommendations for anyone thinking of a career in screenwriting.

Save The Cat, Blake Snyder

The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell

Story, Robert McKee

The Writers Journey, Christopher Vogler

We (Story Strategist) have read all these except for Vogler's book, which is now on the list to read. So, thanks Simon for the recommendations. For those of you wondering about the Hero's Journey and what we were talking about? Well, here are a couple of short YouTube video that explains what The Hero's Journey is and how it applies to many of the Hollywood movies we watch. But, be warned... once you know it, it may spoil your movie viewing forever!

We did promise that Story Conversations would be about a lot more than just creativity and film making. We believe story and ideas are important in all contexts. Think of story as a product or something in business you want to trade and how you can engage your audience. We believe what we learn from storytellers and other creatives can help all of us in business, and in just the same way, what we learn from business entrepreneurs is helpful to the business of creativity too. After all, our stories need to engage in order to provide a return on investment.

If you want to learn more about Story Conversations, here is a link to the promo for this first episode: and here is the link to the livestream page where future episodes will be streamed live. You'll be able to chat live too.

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