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Why should you turn your website into a media platform?

Having your own website is as common today as it was to have a listing in the Yellow Pages, but it's more than just a local business listing. Your website is an opportunity for offline prospecting and engagement, but more than that it's a place to showcase your work, ideas and stories. Also, with an increase risk to Social Media giants like Facebook blocking individuals and brands it has become increasingly important to focus on building a platform where you own the data and engagement. The challenge of giving people a reason to visit your site is still vitally important but creating compelling reasons to keep people coming back again and again will help reduce future risk. The short answer, host your own video media and create links from all the Social Media platforms that lead to your own media platform.

But why video? Here are a couple of convincing reasons. Videos get 1,200% more shares online than text and images combined, and visitors spend 88% more time on a website that contains video!

During the height of the global pandemic, we were engaged to help the industry peak body, CMAA redevelop their website into a media platform. In the past, their members had very few reasons to visit their website. Now, however the platform contains hundreds of exclusive resources. 

Using the latest in non-proprietary media hosting, streaming media and modern high-performance platforms, we created a more engaging place to engage with CMAA's membership. The result, members now return regularly to the site and furthermore CMAA is now a media player in its own right.

The new platform features all content captured during their recent online media conference that was streamed live to viewers all around the world, and available now to members to watch again and again directly on their own media platform. Furthermore, every new webinar, Podcast and training video is made available adding to the hundreds of valuable resources. Today, the platform is also able to manage ticketing, track membership usage and host future events and conferences including this years conference, Connect 21.

CMAA has increased membership since this innovation was implemented. More members are able to engage in valuable content and be inspired, equipped and informed about how to engage well with individual lives, society and culture today.

Daily Social Media and regular email campaigns are used to maintain engage members and remind them to visit the media platform to consume the latest video.

The site itself uses modern and robust technologies that have proven to work well together and provide scale. Recently, this strategy to engage with members directly was put to the test. In Australia, Facebook limited visibility to a number of the member organisations and their content , however CMAA owns their own platform and content, so today their strategy is about getting more people to engage directly rather than just through Social Media platforms where you give up ownership. More organisations are going to want to do the same.

Since launching the new Media Arts platform CMAA have been able to demonstrate a more meaningful contribution that continues with every interaction. In conclusion, Story Strategist has helped CMAA create more engagement with their members.

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