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The Origin

The Origin is the first Australian production television series created exclusively for New Faith Network’s on-demand streaming platform, by media production company, Story Strategist.

The first four episodes feature exclusively Australian pastors and leaders of different denominations across Australia, including Joel A’bell, formerly Hillsong, now Convoy of Hope, Grethe Stanley, founder of Daughters of the King, Daniel Hagen, Fire Church and Awakening Australia, and Darryl Lingwoodock, of Hope Centre.

Each episode follows their faith journey from how they became a follower of Jesus, the high points and challenges of ministry, to the impact being a Christian has made on their life. 

“It’s so important, as Christians coming from different denominations, to focus on what we have in common instead of what separates us. The Origin inspires us to see the work our extraordinary God has done in the lives of ordinary people.” Els Griffioen, Senior Producer, New Faith Network

“People’s personal stories are so powerful. I love how vulnerable each of our guests have been in sharing their journey of faith. There is so much that we can each learn from the experience of these leaders.” Stu Harris, Producer/Director, Story Strategist

The Origin is available immediately to watch on New Faith Network in Australia, UK and Europe.

Watch an interview between Els Griffioen and Stu Harris here.

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