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We didn't see that coming

We didn't see that coming!

If you’d told us that come March the country would close its borders to travellers from the outside world and our movement within would be restricted, at times, to just within our local town, then we would probably have never launched a new company at the start of 2020. However, in our case, we’ve been provided with a number of opportunities because of the disruptions that we’ve benefitted from.

Throughout the past months, we’ve positioned ourselves in conversations when the leaders and key decision makers are trying to solve old problems in new ways. We’ve offered fresh and alternative perspectives and the outcomes have often been surprisingly positive. As we look back, a phrase we kept hearing ourselves say was, “we’ll find a way”. 

See a need, fill a need.

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As marketers and producers of content, with a strong technology background, we responded to the need by helping find creative solutions and increase the value of engagement.

That’s marketing.

We helped build and deliver online conferences for two national organisations. We re-engineered and optimized existing online webinar, Social Media and registration platforms including BigMarker, Facebook Live, HeySummit, Restream, WebinarJam, Vimeo and Zoom to craft solutions that delivered pre-recorded and live interactive sessions across events that each ran for a week.

Our company managed the creation of Social Media content to help promote the speakers to potential attendees. We managed, produced and edited the recordings of sessions scheduled as pre-records and managed live interaction including Q&A’s, online surveys and polls.

For one client, instead of the usual 200-300 or so registrants and 4 speakers at the face-to-face conferences, we gathered 1,700 like-minded people together in one place. We also produced larger Facebook live events that reached a global audience of tens of thousands, from 50+ countries. This kind of reach and influence could never have been achieved within the pre-COVID budget and scale of thinking.

Online events offer savings that can be repurposed for increased effectiveness and reach. We were able to encourage a greater number of online speakers from overseas to participate saving on high speaker fees, travel, accommodation and other expenses.

Everyone was thrilled - including us.

"I valued their extensive marketing experience to understand the power of an online conference and engagement with our stakeholders." Wendy McWilliam, CBAA

Engagement before, during and after the event increased too. Because everyone consumed the content online it encouraged a greater level of sharing and collaboration with attendees which created a snowball effect that helped grow influence for our clients. Furthermore, the ongoing benefits of online continue to repay. Suddenly, our clients have content that is of purpose beyond. Following the success of the first conference we migrated our client to a new website which has resulted in transforming them into a true media organisation. They now have a rich library of content from this year and previous years that we were able to repurpose as well as ongoing webinars that all contribute to value for their members and followers.

Our approach is always to start with the story at the centre of the big idea or purpose. With the examples described above and our other clients, we always start a conversation by asking what are you looking to achieve? Our clients didn’t just want to put on an event, they wanted to engage and inspire the people they work with. Not just in a once-off event, but ongoing. We don’t describe ourselves as an events company. We partner and work with a number of excellent companies providing staging, lighting, sound etc, but what we do is start with the idea or story and develop a platform or solution that will increase engagement with audiences. Our mechanism for this approach is achieved by a methodology we call the S.A.P Explorer. Before we jump into building anything we start with the story, understand the audience before we consider the appropriate platform for engagement. It’s a methodology that we find helps our clients not get trapped by limited thinking.

"...executed with a level of excellence, innovation and attention to detail that I have been delighted with." Nathan Brown, CMAA

We’ve created individual streaming events and whole conferences, and we’ve scoped new ideas to help fulfil dreams of ideas yet to be realised.

At the heart of every good idea is a story. We’re designing solutions that create engaged communities.

Watch our 2020, Year in Review video:


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